A privacy rant

It’s been a while since my last post. First post of the year, though a little late, “Happy New Year” everyone, and sorry I’ll need to start off this year’s posting with a rant.

Privacy seems to be a thing of a past ever since the inception of internet and social media. People share everything about them to the public over social media, viewing private information in the public, storing private information over various platforms, and there came the rise of an era where these data were harvested, and scam, advertisements, products and services are developed to grab our attention and our money.

Despite working in marketing field myself, I am utterly gutted by all the things that happened over the backend. Well, what could we do as a person? Nothing much, unless you stop exposing yourself to the internet, which is impossible at this time of age.

For me personally, at least I’m trying my best to distance myself from all these as much as I could. I have been cutting social media by a lot, and now comes the time to ponder if that’s enough to shield myself from all the advertising, data theft, cybersecurity risk that I am exposed to on a daily basis.

For photographers, it’s a dilemma to post your work on the internet. On one hand you would get the exposure, on the other hand you could risk getting your picture stolen by others, and there’s nothing much you could do about it, especially some photo sharing site actually owns the rights of every photo uploaded on their platform.

Sorry for the long post without any solutions to solve the problem. For now, I will begin my own reflection on my own condition. I have done an audit to change my various accounts’ password, avoiding sharing of password across platforms and strengthening the password complexity. I have also deleted various information over services and sites that I no longer using. I have cut off Instagram a while back, now perhaps it’s time to evaluate whether or not I should kill off other platform as well, such as Facebook.

Alright, I think I should stop over here. For those who are reading, I would encourage you to take stock on your data privacy too, everyone is different, so you will need to do your own evaluation and decide what’s right for you. Till then.

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