Another empty year?

Chinese New Year is around the corner, and this year it will be a little different. As the pandemic is still ravaging through the world, travelling to other countries are still difficult, if not impossible, which means I would not be able to head home to my hometown back in Malaysia to celebrate the new year with my family and friends. Well, it’s a little sad, but I’m fairly okay with it. We do our part in limiting the spread of virus, and to reduce the burden of everyone else, hoping that things would eventually turnaround as a result.

This made me think about my own photography. When was the last time I actually shot something with my camera? I think in 2020 my camera only fired a few test shots just to ensure it is still in working condition… nothing more. Perhaps 2021 would be the same again… who knows. Yes, I know, the world is still moving, many are still out and about shooting, but for me I just don’t feel like it at the moment.

I’m not complaining that there’s nothing to shoot, even when you are staying home under lockdown, one can embark on photography project from your home as well. One good example would be spending time learning with flash photography at home or try out macro photography and so on. For me, despite the situation here in Singapore is slowly getting better, I still don’t feel like heading out, roaming the streets and look for shots. In fact I’m still spending most of my time indoor, away from the crowd. I do not have plans for home project at the moment… so it seems like it is going to be another empty year for me when it comes to photography.

Well, we’ll see. Who knows what would happen in the days to come. Let’s hope everything would turn better soon. Till then.

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