On social media and about my blog

I never really like to spend time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or etc, but I was sort of being “forced” to do so because my friends are all on Facebook, so the best way to keep up to date on their recent life will be browsing their feed from time to time.

I know that nowadays a lot of people cannot imagine living a day without social media. Perhaps they need attention, perhaps they need friends. For whatever reason, they just can’t stop refreshing their social media feed, posting every few minutes, sharing “stories” and so on.

No offence, and by all honesty, I don’t really bother about what one is doing throughout the day. My point has always been “why bother about the daily life of others while you can put more effort in living your day better instead”? Stop admiring others, work for it so that your life is as exciting as it can be!

About my blog, as mentioned before it is more like a journal for myself rather than a site to gather crowds and followers. I don’t use it as a social media platform. I don’t fancy all the “likes” and “shares”. I am grateful that there’s a steady stream of readers here who find some of my posts useful to them.

A big thank you for those who supported all along, and apologies as I wasn’t being that engaging with you all. I know the potential of social media and blog, but for me, my priority is to live my life, my “real” life. I rather spend more time seeing the world and experiencing new things than staying in front of computer or my phone and keep staring at the LCD screen.

That being said, I will continue to journal my life, my thoughts and my rants here. As for the social part, I’ll still keep it to the minimum. Call me old school, I still prefer real life interaction. Till then.

Me. Now and then.

Disclaimer: This is a non-photography related post.

Keep moving. Do not stay still.
Keep adapting. Do not stop learning.
Keep changing. Do not stop improving.

These are perhaps things that I hold true to myself, you can call it “my motto of life”, “my principle”, or whatever you wish. To me, I try not to stop myself from continuously exploring possibilities, searching for ways to improve my life and doing things differently from others. Hence, people around me may find that I will change once in a little while, or I’m just an odd-ball or asshole to some.

The obvious example on continuous learning will be me taking master studies this year, which is something I find necessary for me to keep developing myself. I’m lacking in terms of knowledge on business, marketing and etc., so I hope through this master program I can gain something out of it and equip me with better skillset for my future. Besides that, I had resumed my reading habits, which was stopped for quite some times, so that I can continuously absorb new thinking, new idea and new philosophy into my life. I’m trying my best to keep it up as a daily habit and I do hope I’ll be able to sustain it. Also, I restarted my running routine and slowly trying to get my fitness back to an acceptable level. This is both for health reason and also to get myself fit for the next trip or hike that’s around the corner.

Another improvement or change exercise that I like to do once in awhile is to try to simplify things in my life as much as possible, decluttering things and reforming things when necessary. It may sounds a bit ridiculous, but I did, for example, slimming down my wardrobe and only wear Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Skinny Tapered Jeans (I have a few of those in different colours) for my casual long pants. Why am I limiting myself up to this level? Well, I don’t view this as a limitation. I’m just simplifying my life so that I will spend less time in shopping stores over stores for the perfect pair of pants that fit well and look nice on me. Since I really enjoy wearing that jeans from Uniqlo, why not just stick with it? I’m even considering to move all my casual wardrobe choices to Uniqlo so that I’ll just need to visit one store to get all my wardrobe needs. Too much too crazy? Well, not really. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is quite famous for his grey t-shirt, which he believed by wearing the same t-shirts everyday, he will have one less decision to make and hence become more productive. Of course I will not be that extreme, but there are some values which we can pick up from this reasoning.

To me, it’s always a gain rather than a loss when you cut down all the hassles in life. You’ll get to focus more and get straight to the point. This is what all companies do, cutting down redundant processes in order to achieve cost saving and better time management. Another items that I had streamlined will be my bags. I used to own one travel backpack, one small sling bag for casual use, one messenger bag for camera stuff and one laptop backpack for work. Now I have a “travel & camera 2 in 1” backpack which can be used for both purposes depending on how I configure the bag with the inserts provided. Next up is to streamline the casual and work bag, and I’m currently looking into it and see if there’s a possibilities to have another “2 in 1” solutions here. Less bag, less hassle, less trouble to swap my things around.

There are many other areas in my life where I can improve, be it “materialistic” items such as my bags, clothing, cameras, gadget that I used and etc., or “mentalistic” items such as my knowledge, behaviour, skills and so on. I’m a big fan of “zen” and minimalist, hence all these will work well on me, but it may not be the same for you. I’m just sharing my thoughts and what I’ve done so far, and I hope that my sharing here can bring some help to you.

Hello 2017


Time flies, there goes 2016 and here comes 2017. Perhaps when we get older we felt that time goes by much faster. Not sure about you, but that’s pretty much how I felt. And perhaps is this “time goes by too soon” kind of feeling that triggers people to really think deep on what they are doing now, and whether are they living their life the way they want and to their fullest.

It does made me think through about my life on what I want, where will it be heading to and so on. Of course I won’t have all the answers readily available for most of my doubts, but I will try my best to search for them and to continue doing so persistently. One really needs to keep going, keep moving and keep growing in order to continue to stay relevant.

For a start, I will restart my study life again in 2017 (from July onwards to be exact), though it’s on a part time basis, but that’s a big decision and a big change in my life, and hopefully it will direct me to a better future. I’m not sure whether I will be able to coupe with all the school assignments, work and personal life, but I see it as an opportunity for me to learn on how to keep things balanced while juggling them. Hopefully everything will turn out fine.

As for my photography, I’ll try to continue my personal project of photographing things that matter to me. Of course on and off I will still be doing something random and etc., but probably I will shoot lesser and focus more in creating better picture. That is provided if I still have the time to do so after my school starts. Anyway, let’s hope for the best and we’ll see how things will unfold.

As for my life, I’ll continue to live my very best out of it. I only live once, so let’s make it a memorable one with no regrets. Not sure whether I will be able to get my wedding arranged and done by this year, but I’ll try my best and see if that is possible. Probably nothing much will change for my working life, so just hope it will be another smooth going year for me. And as always, good health is more important in order for me to be able to keep going and pushing myself further (been sick since boxing day until now >.<).

Looking forward to 2017, and all the best to everyone else. Let’s look forward for a better year ahead of us. Till then.

Goodbye 2016

2016 is finally coming to an end. I had spent some time tidying my dry cabinet and other camera stuffs. There weren’t a lot of stuffs which I would like to get rid of, I wonder if it’s considered a good news or bad news? Anyway, nothing much happened in my gear department other than getting myself two film cameras and upgrading/replacing a few lenses throughout the year.

What I have at the moment covers most of my shooting requirement and needs. I was lusting for a compact camera for daily use, and another digital body which can cover the performance gap of my Leica M. After much consideration, I guess I will just wait it out for the mean time. They are good to have but not a must have for me, at least for now. For next year, probably nothing much will change to my gear department other than the possibilities of getting one of these two items into my arsenal.

As for personal projects, I’m a bit off schedule and didn’t finished quite as well as I would preferred. I wasn’t able to do much with video this year, and I doubt I will have time for it next year too. Sigh. I will try to clear a few personal projects in the beginning of the year, and hopefully when my study starts, it won’t take up too much of my time. Anyway, I’m glad that I had managed to complete two rather important project for me, which is photographing my mother and my grandmother. Hopefully I can keep up the momentum on this and continue to do so.

I will be getting myself off from Flipboard, 500px and Instagram in 2017. My personal Instagram account will still be running, but I will cease all sharing on “Funny Bunny Photography” for the time being. There are just too many things to juggle around and sorry to say that I’m not able to keep up with all of them. I will talk a little bit more about why I made this decision in future post.


Oh yes, I’d proposed to my girlfriend and got engaged! (Non-photography related, whoops) That’s all for now, keep shooting folks and wishing you a great year ahead in 2017. Till then.

Blessing for our new member in the family

I was never good in expressing my feeling, indeed. That’s part of the reason why I started blogging, as I found myself being able to express better through writings than physically in real life. That’s probably something I need to work on to improve.

I have just finished my short vacation to Hong Kong. The main purpose of this trip is to bring my grandmother and mother to visit my eldest sister and her new born baby. Having a new member in the family is always very special. It’s a new chapter of life for a married couple to become parents. Some say they became like baby again as they learn to take care of one.

It’s definitely not an easy decision and task to handle. Nowadays, it’s getting more and more financially demanding to have a baby. Not to mentioned the time, energy and effort required from pregnancy until delivery. I have saw many parents who are irresponsible, and I have saw many children who was born to this world but was not receiving the love that they should.

Watching my sister, my grandmother and my mother taking care of the baby, it made me feel touched seriously, I had probably received similar blessing and love when I was a baby. It’s really… magical, heart warming and… lovely. It’s hard to put it in words, really.

So am I ready to be a parent? Will I be having my own baby? Seriously, I do not have the answer now. I was born from a single parent family, perhaps a lot of bad memories in my childhood had prevented me to take the leap and move on. Anyway, only time can tell what will happen in the future, so we’ll just wait and see.

When we leave Hong Kong, tears can’t help but falling from the eyes of my grandmother and sister. It’s going to be awhile before we will meet again. My grandmother keep mentioning about all the things that yet to be settled by my sister before her maternity leave ends. She felt worry for sure, and I can certainly understand. But deep in our hearts, we all know that there are going to be more and more obstacles and challenges ahead, but things will probably ironed out when the time comes.

There’s nothing much I can help in baby sitting, nor I was able to convey my feeling and blessing properly to them. For the very least, I tried to took some pictures during our stay and hopefully this will become the memory for us to cherish in the days to come.