I’m not afraid of dying

Yes, seriously, I’m not. Why? Well, what’s the point of feeling afraid and anxious on something that you can’t even control?

“But I want to live longer… I’m still too young to die…” as some said. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. I wanted to die young, if possible. I don’t need to live my life up to 70s, 80s or 90s. Some may argue that they are working hard everyday and their life has just begun after their retirement in 50s. Some said they want to see their kids grow up, graduate, get married and have their own family.

For me, I want to live and enjoy my life now, like… now. I don’t want to save all the enjoyment until my retirement, I don’t want to pinch my happiness on unknown circumstances in the future. Like what I had always said, live your current moment to the fullest, live as if today will be your last day of life, live without regrets for tomorrow.

Therefore, it is important to balance my work and personal life, it is important to work a job that I enjoy, it is important to live my life to the best I could. If I die tomorrow, I will not feel a sense of “life is too short”, I will be able to close my eyes and smile.

Of course, the reality is, I have no control over when I will die (that is until the time euthanasia is legalized and become a norm). So it doesn’t mean I will spend all my money just to fulfil my lust for materials and experiences. I am still saving for retirement and for emergency, in case I live that long. If not, the money can always be donated to those in need.

So… here I am today, trying my best to live my life to the fullest, and I hope you are too. All the best, till then.


终于把这本书完成了,这是2020年的第一个Personal Project,也是续上一本书《字己》后的续集,许多没来得及畅谈的话题,延伸讨论等都会聚集在这一本书里。这也许也是现在的我唯一可以完成的吧,毕竟现在大家都只能窝在家里,努力抗疫。



One year later

It’s been a year since I changed my job. Started off as technical support engineer in air-conditioning industry, moved on to after market services and sales within the same industry, and finally, one year ago I decided to make another move, but this time to product management and marketing at a completely different industry.

Looking back my one year journey, it has been a bumpy ride, really. When I handed my resignation letter a year ago, I wasn’t sure what my future would hold. There were job offers from the same industry, there were job offer for the same role as sales, there were even job offers to go up the rank as assistant manager or manager. Ultimately, none of them resonated with me and eventually I declined them all.

“You are making a huge mistake.” Often, this is the answer I got from people around me. Seeing from his or her point of view, I don’t deny their conclusion. To most of us, career has always about climbing the corporate ladder and earning every extra dollar possible. What I decided to do in the end defied their norm, or perhaps even disappointed some.

Instead of growing in the same industry, instead of climbing the ladder, I decided to take a pay cut to land myself here in a completely new and different role, and in a completely new industry to me as well. As crazy as it may sound, I felt that I am not ready to manage people yet at this moment of time. I wanted to explore a little more on what other industries have to offer. I wanted to know about jobs other than engineer and sales. I can be better, and I wanted to be better too before I take my next step.

So here I am, one year later in my new role and company. Is everything good and rosy? Of course not. There are much to learn, much to relearn, and above all, much to put into practice from all the learnings I made, be it from my past job experiences or from my master studies. I do questioned myself often if I have made the right choice, but I would soon brush off the thoughts and keep pressing on.

No one knows for sure, not even myself. Perhaps time will tell, we’ll see. It’s interesting to see what the future has to offer, for now, all I can do is try my best to work my best and prepare myself for the unknown future.

Waking up at 5am

Been waking up early in the morning, around 5am to be precise, since February until now. I think most would think that I’m crazy. Some asked: “Are you trying those challenges like do something for 30 days?”

Well, no. It is now part of my routine. I know there are people who advocate the benefits for waking up early, saying how great your life would be by waking up early everyday and so on.

Honestly, waking up early is not for everybody. There needs to be a reason on why you want to gain that extra hour or two, otherwise one will never be able to embrace it into their habit or routine. The last thing you want is to drag yourself out from the bed every morning, feeling tired, restless and angsty.

So why I decided to wake up at 5am? What the hell am I doing early in the morning? Well, nothing much actually. I’ll just head to the gym, head home after that to cook breakfast or lunch, pack them ready and get myself dressed up to work. That’s about it, nothing groundbreaking. But if I don’t wake up early, I won’t have enough time to prepare the food, and I wanted to avoid the crowd in the gym, so early in the morning has become my best option.

I’m a morning person anyway, I’m totally fine to wake up early at 6am or 7am before this, and I sleep early around 10pm usually. So all in all, everything just falls into place nicely for me. If there is no reason for you to be up early, there really is no need for you to do so.

Will I continue to wake up at 5am every morning? As long as there’s a need for me to cook or head to the gym in the morning, I will continue on with this routine of mine. Till then.

Hello 2020


No such thing as “new year new me” this time around, haha… after a fruitful year of 2019, what’s next for 2020? Well, to be honest, I believe there will be nothing much going on this year for me, at least from what I have planned so far it seems rather… quiet.

Tentatively, there will only be one personal trip this year (and I think you know where it will be). In terms of planned purchases, this year I might be getting a new travel bag, a pair of shoes and that’s about it. The target is to try to save some money this year, eat healthily, try to stay fit and get rid of some remaining problems I have pertaining to my personal well being.

If financially permits, I would like to start attending classes for Japanese language, been rather slack and unable to learn as much as I wanted last year, it’s tuff to self-learn a new language anyway. Otherwise, I plan to dedicate this year to focus more on building my career. Enough of self-discovery journey in 2019, is time to put my learning into good use this year and make myself accountable of it.

In terms of photography, well, I’ll see if I can get motivated and start shooting a little more. Otherwise, I will only be shooting during my personal trip (which means very limited photography time in 2020…). By the way, I have removed my funnybunnyphotography instagram account (I’m not updating it much anyway), and I have also hide my personal instagram account away. Getting some social media detox this year is part of my target too.

Anyway, I’m hopeful of what’s going to come for the year, and I’ll try my best to make it another great year for myself. Till then.