Goodbye 2019


The year of 2019 has finally drawn to an end. It’s been a hell of a year, and it’s mostly a good one. It felt like it’s been quite awhile since the last time I was mostly upbeat throughout the year, and I do hope this momentum can kept me going while heading into 2020. In short, the highs were pretty high, while the lows were rather… low.

A quick recap: on my gear changes, managed to swap all my cameras and ended up with Sony system, new phone and some other accessories and smaller stuffs. Moved to a new place, got myself a new job, changed some routines and so on. Also managed to travel to Taipei earlier in the year and then Tokyo during mid of the year, which also saw myself scaling Mount Fuji for the very first time. And not to forget, the incredible experience of volunteering myself for Benjamin Von Wong’s sustainability project earlier this year.

My daily life has pretty much been okay, though catching up with friends has become lesser than what I would prefer, perhaps as we aged, everyone will spend more time with their own family instead. Same goes with family members, if I were to point out something that was less than ideal, it will be the lack of quality time spent with my family, and financially speaking I was having less freedom this year.

With so many changes, I was a little strapped for second half of the year. Well, it’s okay, nothing to complaint about, just need to adjust myself and my routine accordingly. Can’t afford to buy more books? Switch to reading e-books online. Can’t afford big gym? I can make do with neighbourhood gym. Avoid unnecessary spending (like Netflix), try my best to save as much as possible while not jeopardising my health… that will be my main focus and even for the year ahead.

There were a few targets I failed to achieve. Some was out of my control, some just requires more determination from my end. Let’s see if I can make them happen next year instead. Otherwise, all in all I’m thankful that I am still breathing and going in 2019. For the first time in a long while I managed to strike off most of the items on my to-do list and new year resolutions. Lastly, I’m grateful that I stayed healthy for the most part of the year.

Thank you 2019, and goodbye.

I am who i am, still.


I know my weakness, I do know. Well, I guess it’s my weakness, at least that’s what others perceive it. Along the years, I tried to change some of them, but not all were possible to be changed. Some old habit, some sticky behaviour, some fixated thoughts still remain.

For a start, I’m someone who doesn’t hide his words and feelings, who don’t give “face” when I don’t give a damn. I’d been trying hard to pretend, but it didn’t work well. It’s just not me. I’m trying to change a little of my approach nowadays, will still need to see if that gels with me.

I’m not afraid of offending people when I know they are in the wrong. I know a lot of people will take that as offensive, not forgiving, not caring, no empathy. I have tried to be a little more compassionate, but it had not always turned out well. So in the end, I’m still very much the own-self I am.

I’m not trying to justify myself being who I am here. This is more like a reflection piece for me, myself, as I reflect back and see how I could possibly move on. If I do offended anyone all these days, I’m sorry for that. Perhaps there are things that are harder to change, things closer to my values, things closer to my belief, things closer to my core personalities.

Of course there were instances where I probably can do better, and those are the lessons I need to learn and remember, and ensure the same mistake will never happen again. It’s a long way to go, and let’s see how it goes in the future. It takes time, but I’ll still try my best, and hopefully one day, I am a better me.

Never stop exploring


For my recent trips, there have been a slight change in terms of what activities I planned for those trips. Before this, it was all about walking around those touristy spot, snapping some pictures of the famous locations and that’s all. But as time goes by, I started to enjoy a little more on something else.

It probably started during my trip to Hong Kong, where I hiked through a few trails and paths (be sure to check out some of the blog posts I shared previously on this), and I found that although tiring, I very much enjoyed the experience. And then I tried to venture into some “off the beaten path” location in Japan, and later in Taipei. I am not ready to camp out in the wild yet, but I do enjoy hiking through some day trails, getting close to nature and away from the busy buzzing crowd.

With that change in taste, it had partly contributed to some changes in terms of my gears and the way I plan my trips. For camera setup, I ended up switching from only primes to mostly zoom lenses, this is to cater for the unforeseen circumstances and photographic opportunities arise during hiking. Now whenever I plan my trip, I’ll research for locations where I can hike for half or full day. And I am considering to get a better backpack that is more comfortable for hiking use.

Let’s hope I can explore more places while I am still able to do so. In fact, I’m flying over to Tokyo tonight (yes, again…) for a trip that I have been planning for so long. It will be my fifth visit to Japan and the first full solo trip all by myself. Let’s hope that everything will be fine, and I’ll share more when I’m back from the trip. Till then.

A new chapter


Finally settled down after moving into new place. Previously I was renting a room and stay with my wife. However, as we changed our job and to reduce travel time to work, we decided to shift out and rented a small apartment. Nothing fancy, just a small unit with one bedroom, a kitchen, a toilet and a living room.

Shifting from our old place over proved to be a challenge. We thought it would be easy to move from a room, but still there were a lot of stuffs that we need to pack and move. In the end, we decided to engage a mover to carry some of the bulky furniture for us.

I also spent a few days cleaning and tidying the place. During this time, it strikes me with a feeling that as if I’m owning my first home. Technically speaking it is, though it was rented instead of bought. But come to think of it, the first time I stayed in my “own house” was back in Dubai, during my job posting there for a year.

Back then, I rented a studio apartment and stayed alone, but I didn’t felt as much of a sentiment as this time around, probably because I just checked in the place with my clothings and that’s about it, every other things were all inclusive and provided. This time, however, despite the unit itself was furnished, but there are still some essential items such as cooking utensils, cookware etc. that needs to be taken care off. Hence, it gave me a little sense of “building my own home”.

When will I be owning my true “first home”? Hopefully it will be in the near future. Let’s see how things unfold. Till then.




而真正让我开始留意他们的契机是《神的孩子都在跳舞》这张专辑。还记得我是在亲戚家发现这张CD,然后我就出于好奇的把整张专辑给听了。这张CD让我想起了“啊,还有五月天这个乐团。”,然后也让我对这乐团的印象开始改观。可能是因为随着年龄的增长和经验的累积,他们的词曲给了我不一样的感觉,至少能够让我觉得他们已经不再是“五个很吵很白痴的大男孩” 了(其实他们到现在都还是,哈哈)。这张专辑最打动我的就是《倔强》这首歌了。我想这首歌应该也会是许多人的最爱之一吧!那时候我也很喜欢《超人》这首歌,不过老实说,那时候的我也还不能算是他们的粉丝吧。


在大学时候遇上了一些五迷,唱卡拉OK时她们都会狂唱五月天的歌曲,所以我也渐渐的开始补完五月天的旧专辑,也开始发现许多旧歌其实也蛮好听,词也很不错。之后《第二人生》这张专辑更奠定了五月天在我心中的地位。若要说,我最喜欢的专辑,那就是他们的第九张专辑《自传》了。喜欢的歌其实也真的好多,不过最近在我脑海里挥之不去的,是那首《转眼》。无论是词还是曲,甚至是MV,都让我听到很有共鸣,都会让我留下眼泪。一直以来,五月天的歌并没有与我人生的某个时机对上, 像是失恋还是什么的。但是这首《转眼》却是来得很适时,最近生活的迷茫,感叹,似乎都被这首歌给道尽了。

听着他们的歌,那如诗般的词,每次却能够感染我,让我看到许多的画面。有人说五月天真正厉害的并不是他们的创作,而是他们的live。结果,在被某人的怂恿下,我出席了他们的演唱会。第一次看五月天的演唱会是《諾亞方舟世界巡迴演唱會》,说真的,那某人并没有骗我。他们的现场真的就是很不一样。后来也去看了《Just Rock It!就是世界巡迴演唱會》,但是去年的《人生無限公司巡迴演唱會》我就错过了。有一点遗憾,但是呢,人生也许需要一点的遗憾才会更美好吧。