A change at last

Been thinking about switching job for awhile. I’d been in the same industry, albeit different role for quite some years. It’s not a bad industry to be in, but I was thinking of changing my role and industry again, be it to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone, or to gain more knowledge and expertise from other companies.

Therefore I decided to study MBA on part time, upgrading myself while giving myself some time to think about my decision. My study was completed at the end of last year, and it took me awhile to think through and decided to really make the move. Resume was sent, but the response has been a little underwhelming. And then I though perhaps I should stay in the same industry and just switch to a different company for different role instead.

Luckily, I received a call for interview the other day. I met up with the hiring manager, but after the interview I thought I wasn’t going to get the job as he didn’t seem pleased. However, in the end I was glad that he offered me the role. It’s a new role in charge of regional product development, planning and management, hopefully I’ll be able to perform my best for this role. Furthermore, it’s a different industry from what I’m so used to be.

Is this the better future of my career that I wanted? Well, I have no idea. For me, I just want to have new challenges in different industry, and now I have it. Will I regret? Will I ever get back to my previous industry? Who knows, only time will tell. At least I made the move and tried rather than just stay put and pondering “what if” day and night.

Some told me I should have stayed in the same company and build by career upwards. Some told me I should stay in the same industry and build my career further. For me, I don’t need to be right up there, I can be a supporting role, a man behind the scene. My “career” is not about fame or money, it’s all about me enjoying my work, being able to continue to learn and develop, and able to contribute to the company.

Hope for the best for the days ahead. Till then.


He asked, while looking at the column for “Interest”, where I wrote “travelling, reading, photography and writing”.

“Writing? Do you mean like Chinese calligraphy? I have never seen anyone mentioned their interest is writing.”

That’s the awkward conversation I had with someone recently. I wonder is there a better way to articulate it, I write blog post like this, I write diary, I write stories, I write a lot of other things as well. They can be written by hand or by other digital means. But… they are all considered as “writing”… right?

There are many ways for people to express their feeling, their creativity and thoughts. Some draw, some take pictures, while some use words instead. To me, they are all the same. I enjoy creating through various means, and writing is one of them. I still do photography, although it’s less frequent lately. Hopefully I’ll pick up the speed again soon.

Anyway, yes, just want to make a point in this post that writing is a thing, and that’s my hobby and interest. Till then.

Thank you 2018

I believe every year I will feel the same: “perhaps it’s because when we got older, we felt that time passes by much faster”. The year of 2018 was no exception, even so when most of my time were occupied by studies. Just when I manage to catch a break from study, the year has already ended. Well, looking at it from the brighter side, it does serve as a reminder to me that time waits for nobody, stop wasting it and start getting things done!

The year of 2018 had been pretty kind to me, apart from a few little dramas here and there that stirred things up a little. Nothing has changed in my work, except my disappointment and dissatisfaction level has gone up. Nothing has changed in my life as well, still married and still no plan to have kids.

For photography, I had sold almost all my gears and left with only Fujifilm X100F. Still haven’t decide what’s next, let’s wait and see. Glad that I had travelled a few places this year and still get to do some photography in Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. Also continued to write something along the way and managed to crunch out a book for Vietnam, and the one for Taiwan is coming soon.

What else… oh, other than textbooks, I managed to finish 24 books in total in a year. Was only targeting 12 earlier this year but ended up doubling that, surprised! There were some very nice reads that I would highly recommend, and there were a few below average ones. All in all, a great year for readings, and hopefully next year will be another productive one.

Overhauled my wardrobe and now I have 90% of my clothings from Uniqlo, got into using fountain pen, finally got my wisdom tooth extracted, bought Apple Watch earlier this year, been working out in gym for the whole year but still not fit at all, bought new mattress, bought new chair, bought new headphone, cutting my time on social media, shifted away from Google services… well, nothing major, really.

There were of course some ups and downs, in my work, in my life, in my studies, in my relationships. Glad that I had weathered through them for the year, and hopefully next year will be better. Thank you 2018, and goodbye.

It’s time to change

I realized that I had not put some of the good things I learned along the way into good use. To be very honest, I’m not a fast learner myself, hence a lot of time I will need to study, practice, learn and reflect (and even restudy) before I can actually put something into application.

Taking my MBA course for example, there are knowledge, tools, frameworks and skills that I learned and yet I had not managed to either practice them at my work, link them together to form a more holistic picture, or dive deeper to understand them further.

However, there are those from my class who managed to make sense of the concepts learned and apply them quickly across other fields and subjects, and sometimes I truly admire their strength in this regard. Anyway, it’s okay if I was a little slower, I just need to make sure that I’ll be reaching there eventually.

The same goes to photography. It’s easy to learn pieces of skills and techniques here and there, but the important thing has always been joining the dots together and get the shot when the time comes. Learn, understand, relate, practice… and hopefully perfection will follow. There’s no shortcut to get there.

By the way, I had decided to take an extra elective despite the core modules has finished by early December. The elective will drag my completion date into the end of January 2019, hence another month of extra classes. It’s okay, I had survived 18 months after all, one extra month is bearable. Hopefully I can learn a little more and start to digest all the knowledge for future use. Till then.

It’s finally the end… or perhaps a new beginning

Yes, finally the classes for my part time MBA course has ended. A sense of relief for sure, after 18 months of intense & tiring program, I’m glad that it’s finally came to an end. “I’ve made it through!” is what I would like to shout out loud in my heart, but I think I’m so exhausted that I can only just trying my best to catch my breath. Anyway, I still have elective class and that will only officially end in January.

So after 18 months, what had I learned? A little bit of everything, to be precise. I was really hoping for a little more than that for sure, but it is what it is. Now the important part is to take some time and reflect back all that I learned, making sense from them, and hopefully put some of the knowledge and skills into good use in the future.

So what’s next? Well, I’m not expecting MBA to change a whole lot of things. It’s not like now I’m much better than others or can straight away become manager or CEO to lead a company. MBA will not provide that to you despite what the marketing material said. Although classes have ended, I will probably still be busy for the next couple of months as I try to relook into my career and decide what to do next.

Of course it’s not all stressful, finally I have the time to start reading more, catching up on all the movies and series I missed, head out and shoot pictures, hangout with friends and so on. Recharge, reform, regroup and getting myself ready for the next challenge, that’s probably it. Wish me luck. Till then.