Time waits for nobody

Go travel when you still can walk
Go out and photograph when you still can see
Listen to music while you still can hear

That’s the “moto” that I gave myself at the start of 2018. People always like to say “you only live once”, which is actually the reality. Time goes by only once, there’s no turning back no matter what. So who doesn’t want to live to the best in every moment of their life?

Later. I’ll do it tomorrow. Next time.

Perhaps we should stop giving excuses to ourselves and treat ourselves better by living our life better. I’m not some motivation or inspiration guru, but that’s just how I’ve been feeling and thinking lately. Partly because of what happened to me personally, partly because of some books that I read, partly because of some people that I’d talked to, hence I’ve ended up trying to live by this theme this year as much as possible.

2018 has been rough to me so far, started off with a lot of workload to be cleared, followed by study on subject that I’m not at all familiar with. Anyway, I’ve been keeping myself motivated and continue to press ahead. I can do it, I just gonna keep trying. The good thing is, I have managed to infuse more of my energy to spend on working out, which I do hope will pay off in the future.

Time waits for nobody. It’s now or never.

Till then.

A change is required in 2018

I had a small “heart attack” the other day, where my heart just beat very fast and heavy for no reason while I’m still working in my office. It’s not the first time this was happening, but I can’t recall whether it’s something often or not. Anyway, it felt that it was the worst this time around, and it lasted for quite some time.

This has sparkled me to think deep: something needs to change, and I really need to do it quickly. I’ll probably arrange for check up on it soon, and at the same time, a change in lifestyle and diet probably. Well, it’s not like my lifestyle is unhealthy, but I do acknowledge that I’m lack of exercising for the past few months. Habit change is needed, and it needs to be planted into myself and being cultivated as a routine.

Another thought I had in the middle of the night after this incident was, if I really just died like that, will I have any regret left behind?

Well, of course there are still a lot of things that I would like to do and still yet to be completed, like my study, some future travel plans and so on. But thinking through, I think I can safely say that even if I do passed away now, I think I’m pretty happy about my life as of now. Yes, I’m not afraid of death. I don’t think there’s anything you need to worry about and just live your life to the fullest with no regret. You can’t control death anyway, so as some wise man said: live everyday as if it’s your last day in life.

Anyway, thank you for those who were concerned about my condition. I’ll take good care of myself, not to worry. Till then.

Hello 2018

Happy new year to everyone. There goes 2017 and here comes 2018. Time flies indeed.

For the year of 2018, I don’t have much plan on photography part. Most of my plan and target will revolve around my study and my life. As for photography specific goal, I’ll probably try to get the photobook which I planned to complete in December 2017 to be done as soon as possible. I will share more once the details are ready.

I’ll probably stop buying camera stuff this year and just focus to shoot more whenever I can. I’ll spend the year going through with what I have and think through in what I want and need for the future. And probably I’ll get to practice more of my flash technique when I shoot more of my study related stuffs and events.

Last but not least, I’ll have some free time in June and was thinking about a short photography trip if possible. Nothing is confirmed yet, and I’ll see what I get plan for it. It will be a good half way point to escape and recharge myself before the final dash in both study and work for the remaining months of 2018.

Till then, wishing a great year ahead for everyone.

Goodbye 2017


As 2017 is approaching to an end, is time to sit down and reflect upon all the ups and downs, and hopefully be a year wiser and move on to 2018.

I got married this year, had an amazing trip to Japan in April, started my MBA in July, went for the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and shifted into new room in December. I spent quite an amount on upgrading some of my stuffs this year, starting with a new Fujifilm X100F camera, iMac 21.5″ 4K 2017 which replaced my MacBook Pro with Retina Display 2012, “forced” to upgrade from iPhone 7 to 8 Plus, new watch, iPad Pro 10.5″ for study use, Apple AirPod replacing my Plantronics BackBeat Go, a new Klipsch The One speaker for my room and so on. Well, it’s not that I wanted to spend all the money (although some of the items were purchased due to my itch…), but just happened that quite a few big ticket items were down or really due for replacement, and hence the spending. I bought quite a number of books this year and managed to finish most of them. There are still a few bigger and thicker books which are not portable, hence I can only read them when I’m home. Nevertheless, glad that I have picked up my reading habit again, and I did learn a few things from the books I read.

I’m still trying my best to juggle between my work, studies and personal life. Hopefully I can do it better next year, though I think I did quite well for the past 6 months. Anyway, the syllabus is going to get tougher next year, hopefully I’ll be able to coupe with them and get through the courses. For photography, I didn’t manage to shoot as much as I would like to, but I did managed to keep shooting, be it some daily pictures or school events and etc. I was trying to complete another photobook for myself, which initially was targeted to finish by end of 2017. But as I work on it, it grew to a larger scale and hence I have to delay it until next year to get in done.

I’m trying to plan a short getaway trip in June 2018, probably with photography in mind, but we’ll see how things unfold later on. Other than completing my studies and assignments on time, I do hope I can spend a little less money next year on gears or stuffs and hopefully get to save some money for a bigger getaway by year end. As for my work, I don’t have much expectation going on, just hope that I can survive it and perhaps, if possible, able to forge some connections for my future career switch. Also, hopefully I can try to get a little more active and exercise more, preparing myself for some other challenge I had in mind in 2019 🙂

All in all, 2017 has been a rather good year for me despite some lows. Let’s look forward on what 2018 is about to offer, and hopefully I can live a better one! Till then, Happy New Year to you all!

How Social Media Ruined Photography

Read this interesting post the other day which talks about how photography becomes so cliche thanks to social media. I get it, when someone took a very nice picture, people will just flock to the same location and take the same picture from the same angle.

Like it or not, this reality has probably been around for ages, its just that social media has elevated it to a whole new level as information is shared instantly. Landscape is the genre that is affected most by this “me too” trend. Not to forget those who photograph birds, when rare bird was spotted, a bunch of the photographers will camp their big lenses and tripod around and keep firing.

Personally, I do browse through websites or social media to get inspiration, and most importantly to scout for potential locations to shoot. However, when on location, I’ll try to do something different from the pictures I saw. It might work out well and it might not be. But that’s the whole point of having photography as a hobby, you go through the learning and experimenting process, and then you become better.

A few concerns were raised in the interview. First was the originality and creativity of photography. Next was the environmental impact. Yes, as people flock to a location, I’m guessing there will be those irresponsible people who throw rubbish anywhere they like, who cross the restricted zone just to shoot a different picture, who harm the nature by disturbing them and so on. Taking the bird photographers for example, having a bunch of people camping in close distance could have ended up scaring the birds away to seek for new location to stop. Imagine the impact on migrant bird species?

Of course there’re always those responsible photographers who take care of the nature, who follow the rules, who keep a safe distance from the nature and preserve them. But it really just need one single person to crash the party and end the game. At the end of the day, did social media ruined photography? Well, I would say no, but it did catalysed it for sure. At the end of the day, it’s really up to each individual to play their part, be it ensuring photography remains creative, or ensuring we don’t tarnish our nature while we fulfil our desire in capturing them. Though I really don’t have much hope on mankind, but all I can do is just hope and pray this will eventually be alright in the future. Till then.