This is part of a new series of writings that I’m planning to do, which is to write my thoughts after reading a book. For books in Mandarin, I will write my thoughts in Mandarin. For books in English, I will write my thoughts in English. Apologise for any inconvenience caused.



  • 人总是以自己为中心去思考,去判断事物,渐渐的让自己无法了解周遭事物的真相。你能成为一个能够客观思考的人吗?
  • 人必须活得像人。人活在不像人与人之间的关系当中,实在可惜。即使面对毫无瓜葛的陌生人,也应该建立像人的关系。
  • 了解到自己享受到的幸福并不常有,我们才会心怀感谢。
  • 世上有许多和善之人虽有好心肠,却因为性格懦弱而无法发挥善心。有很多人并不是坏人,却因为过于懦弱,反而为自己和他人带来不幸。
  • 对于自己犯的过错,能想的都已经想了,该后悔的都后悔过了,该觉得痛苦的也都痛苦过了。现在必须抬起头来,好好过接下来的日子。
  • 因为内心感到痛苦,我们才能在心里好好认清人本来应该是什么样子。



Just crossed 33 years old mark a few days ago. As usual, birthday or not, it really means nothing to me. Perhaps I had grew too old, too used, or perhaps too tired to bother anymore? I wonder… Recently there were quite a lot of changes and things going on in my life that I need to deal with, to digest, to overcome, and perhaps… to resolve.

New job has started, my lifestyle perhaps will require some adjustment as well, I’m still figuring things out and hopefully things will get ironed out soon. I got my wisdom teeth extracted earlier this year, and I had also performed cornea strengthening operation and Lasik on both of my eyes earlier this month. Hopefully in terms of health and wellbeing, I’ll be in a better position this year. Also, I need to start training harder and preparing myself for my coming trip. Stay tuned for that.

Speaking about trip, I travelled to Taipei at the end of March. Nothing much, just a short getaway to recharge myself prior to my new job. Didn’t shoot much photos actually, I wonder if I had lost my interest to photography or I’m just too tired? Will have to see in the days to come. Overall, it was a nice trip despite I had been to Taipei previously. The people and the food were nice and welcoming.

What else… dropped my phone and cracked the screen, still feeling lost while pondering about my life, got accused and misunderstood on something by someone… I thought all these would bother me much, but in the end they didn’t. I wonder if I had mastered “the art of let it go” or “the subtle art of not giving a fxck”? Perhaps when you get older you do get a little wiser?

Alright, enough of rant and is time to work harder for the remaining days of 2019. Can’t believe April is ending… need to work on the remaining items on my to-do list. Till then.

A change at last

Been thinking about switching job for awhile. I’d been in the same industry, albeit different role for quite some years. It’s not a bad industry to be in, but I was thinking of changing my role and industry again, be it to challenge myself outside of my comfort zone, or to gain more knowledge and expertise from other companies.

Therefore I decided to study MBA on part time, upgrading myself while giving myself some time to think about my decision. My study was completed at the end of last year, and it took me awhile to think through and decided to really make the move. Resume was sent, but the response has been a little underwhelming. And then I though perhaps I should stay in the same industry and just switch to a different company for different role instead.

Luckily, I received a call for interview the other day. I met up with the hiring manager, but after the interview I thought I wasn’t going to get the job as he didn’t seem pleased. However, in the end I was glad that he offered me the role. It’s a new role in charge of regional product development, planning and management, hopefully I’ll be able to perform my best for this role. Furthermore, it’s a different industry from what I’m so used to be.

Is this the better future of my career that I wanted? Well, I have no idea. For me, I just want to have new challenges in different industry, and now I have it. Will I regret? Will I ever get back to my previous industry? Who knows, only time will tell. At least I made the move and tried rather than just stay put and pondering “what if” day and night.

Some told me I should have stayed in the same company and build by career upwards. Some told me I should stay in the same industry and build my career further. For me, I don’t need to be right up there, I can be a supporting role, a man behind the scene. My “career” is not about fame or money, it’s all about me enjoying my work, being able to continue to learn and develop, and able to contribute to the company.

Hope for the best for the days ahead. Till then.


He asked, while looking at the column for “Interest”, where I wrote “travelling, reading, photography and writing”.

“Writing? Do you mean like Chinese calligraphy? I have never seen anyone mentioned their interest is writing.”

That’s the awkward conversation I had with someone recently. I wonder is there a better way to articulate it, I write blog post like this, I write diary, I write stories, I write a lot of other things as well. They can be written by hand or by other digital means. But… they are all considered as “writing”… right?

There are many ways for people to express their feeling, their creativity and thoughts. Some draw, some take pictures, while some use words instead. To me, they are all the same. I enjoy creating through various means, and writing is one of them. I still do photography, although it’s less frequent lately. Hopefully I’ll pick up the speed again soon.

Anyway, yes, just want to make a point in this post that writing is a thing, and that’s my hobby and interest. Till then.

Grass is greener on the other side

“I feel happy for you for being able to be with someone you love, get married, and live happily ever after.” Said by someone who is single.
“You know what? I envied you for being single and live the life freely as you want!” Replied by someone who is married.

More often than not, we will come across conversation like this, or similar to this. As the old saying goes, “Grass is greener on the other side”, we will always admire what others have and forgot to appreciate what we owned. Same goes to life, same goes to everything else. Friends, family, job, wealth, health, job, gadgets… you name it.

I wonder why? Is it because we always compare ourselves with others in order to benchmark and see if we are living our life well? Is it because we feel insecure, we feel lost, hence we need to see what others do in order to guide ourselves through? Is it because we are not happy with what we have at the moment, hence we want to search for an answer from people around us? Or is it we simply don’t know how to appreciate what we have?

I’m not a saint. I do always ponder about why others are “better” than me in this and that, I do always admire how others live their life, I am guilty as well on this regards. But… what’s next? I think the attitude towards how you are going to react to this is more important. Are you going to just sit there and “admire” forever? Are you going to just complaint about why your life is not as good? Or are you going to do something about it?

It’s something that I’m trying to learn as well at the moment, and hopefully master it in the future. Perhaps first off I need to learn to appreciate more on what I have, this is certainly something that I’m lacking on. Next, if what I have is really not enough, then I’ll need to take some action to make things better. I’m not too worry on this, as I have always been quite adaptive and work hard for things I wanted.

Learn to appreciate, do more and complaint less… perhaps this may not be the answer to all, but this is probably what I’m going to practice and learn for the days to come. Grass may not always be greener on the other side.