Goodbye Fujifilm X100F

This is the second time I’m parting with Fujifilm, and X100 series camera as well. The first X100 series I owned was the X100S, and I got the X100F in 2017. I shoot almost exclusively with only this camera for about a year or so, and I owned both the wide angle and telephoto conversion lenses.

To be honest, the form factor and overall usability of the X100 series has always been good. If you just want to pack light and be casual, it’s a great everyday carry camera. I shot with it with me on my trip to Hanoi and Taipei, and it’s very enjoyable to lug it around for snapshot moment.

This is not to say the camera is not capable of delivering professional work. There are those who shoot professional street photography work with this camera, and I do enjoyed using it on the street as well. My only complaint will probably be the lack of weather sealing and subpar lens performance when shooting close up and in wider aperture. The lens seriously needs to be updated in the next iteration.

Of course being a compact fixed lens camera, it is what it is. If you can live with the limitations, you will be happy using it. I had been using it solely for the past one year as I was trying to figure out what’s next. After I decided to purchase the Sony A7 III, I gave it a hard thought to decide whether or not to keep the X100F. In the end, I decided to let it go.

Well, I could have keep it and use it along with my Sony A7 III, but that means I will need to deal with two camera systems and process two different types of raw files. Anyway, since I had decided to move on, I figure I’ll just reset my stuff and stay focus with one for now. Anyway, I can use the extra cash as well.

Goodbye X100F. You had served me well. I will still hold a soft spot for you in my heart, and hopefully you will evolved to a better camera in next iteration. Till then.

Another new chapter

Finally… I decided to drop my soul and made the jump. I am officially shooting with a Sony A7 III now. I bought this camera just awhile back, together with the Sony Vario-Tessar T* FE 16–35 mm F4 ZA OSS, Sony FE 70-200 mm F4 G OSS and Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 Di III RXD lenses.

It’s a big shift from my previous setup indeed. I started off with prosumer compact camera, which was then followed by DSLR and mirrorless cameras. I then decided to make a switch to rangefinder and now I’m back to mirrorless system again.

I think I talked about why I made my switch away from rangefinder previously so I’ll never touch on that topic today. But after shifted away from rangefinder, I had been using the Fujifilm X100F solely for the past year or so. Can I continue to shoot with only this camera? Or if I even want to continue with photography altogether? Those were the questions I was trying to answer for myself.

I had been shooting my class events and couple of my trips with just the Fujifilm X100F. But the reality was that besides these occasions I had rarely shoot anymore, unlike previously where I would go out and shoot at least once a week. That’s probably the reason why I was holding back with any camera purchase, I want to understand whether I would still want to continue on this journey.

After much consideration, I decided that “yes, I still want to continue” and “yes, the Fujifilm X100F will not be enough to cover my needs”. Hence, I started to look around and I was considering the Nikon Z6, Sony A7 III and Canon EOS R. The Canon’s offering is a total disappointment to me, the whole camera simply is just… doesn’t make sense and does not entice people to shoot with it. Between the Nikon and Sony, in the end I decided to go with Sony as it is a more matured system overall. The Z6 really impressed me though.

As for the lenses, I made the decision to switch from prime lenses to zoom lenses. Well, I may add a prime lens to my arsenal in the future, but for now, zoom lenses are the one that will meet my needs. This will be the setup that I’ll be bringing to my coming trip in August, so let’s see how everything turns out by then. In terms of weight and bulk, it will be slightly more than what I carried for the past years, but then again it’s not much different from my days with Fujifilm X series mirrorless. Hopefully I’ll get used to it soon.

Some asked why I don’t go with A7R III instead. Well, I’m just a casual shooters, I really can’t justify the extra money I’m paying for that camera, the equation just doesn’t add up. Anyway, after shooting with it for awhile, I’m still trying to get used to editing their raw files, and the menu system was actually not that bad, Sony just need to work on the naming of the functions better and it should be fine. Otherwise, let’s see what I can capture with this camera in the days to come. Till then.

A new chapter

Finally settled down after moving into new place. Previously I was renting a room and stay with my wife. However, as we changed our job and to reduce travel time to work, we decided to shift out and rented a small apartment. Nothing fancy, just a small unit with one bedroom, a kitchen, a toilet and a living room.

Shifting from our old place over proved to be a challenge. We thought it would be easy to move from a room, but still there were a lot of stuffs that we need to pack and move. In the end, we decided to engage a mover to carry some of the bulky furniture for us.

I also spent a few days cleaning and tidying the place. During this time, it strikes me with a feeling that as if I’m owning my first home. Technically speaking it is, though it was rented instead of bought. But come to think of it, the first time I stayed in my “own house” was back in Dubai, during my job posting there for a year.

Back then, I rented a studio apartment and stayed alone, but I didn’t felt as much of a sentiment as this time around, probably because I just checked in the place with my clothings and that’s about it, every other things were all inclusive and provided. This time, however, despite the unit itself was furnished, but there are still some essential items such as cooking utensils, cookware etc. that needs to be taken care off. Hence, it gave me a little sense of “building my own home”.

When will I be owning my true “first home”? Hopefully it will be in the near future. Let’s see how things unfold. Till then.

Half way through 2019

Yup, all of a sudden… we are here, at the half way mark of 2019. So far 2019 has been kind to me, though there were many changes in my life and I do get tired coping them at times. But I know that changes are necessary from time to time, so I’m not going to complaint much.

Looking back on the goals I set for myself, surprisingly I had achieved (or going to achieve) most of them. When was the last time I was such efficient in working towards completing my yearly resolutions? Like never… haha. Anyway, glad that everything seems to be on track and getting along. Although there are still a few bits that I need to work harder on.

To sum up my first half of 2019, all I can say was “changes”. There had been so much changes that at times I do felt tired and asked myself “why am I doing all these…”, but then again, it’s now or never. So I’ll just have to keep going and press forward. New job, did lasik for my eyes, exercise more often, restarting my learning of Japanese language, a trip to Taipei, volunteering for Plastikophobia project, moved to a new place and so on.

If everything goes according to plan (hopefully…), second half of the year will be an amazing one. I got one more trip lining up in August, and it’s the one I’m most looking forward to. And there are some plans for some little things here and there, so I’ll try my best to stick to my target and get things done.

Last but not least, I’m still trying hard to make sure I’m posting on weekly basis on this blog. I was so busy after switching to my new job that I didn’t have much time to really sit down and have some thoughts and write something about it. Luckily I have enough backlog posts to sail me through the past few months. As the “stock” is depleting, is time to start spending some time to write again.

I hope you are having a good time so far in 2019. All the best for the days to come. Till then.


Yes, I am moving. Not moving this website though, but I am moving from my current rental room and shifting to a new place. Rented whole unit instead of just a room, hopefully this will be a change worthwhile of the investment, at least now it’s a little closer to “living in my own house”. 

When will I be buying my own house? Probably few years down the road, but not so soon. For now, I hope that this change will improve my quality of life a little. Now I can restart my cooking habits, yes I do cook, although they may not taste great. There’s more freedom in inviting friends to come and have a drink or a small gathering, and there’s more freedom and privacy for me and my wife as well.

It’s a little sad leaving the current place, I had stayed here for the past 6 years, and I really enjoyed the environment and neighbourhood. However, as both me and my wife have changed our job, it will be more convenient to move to the new place to cut down some travelling time.

There are still a lot of things that need to be tidied up, hopefully we’ll be able to settle down soon. Also need to get used to the neighbourhood and hopefully I can make myself comfortable here. Looking forward for the days to come, till then.