My secret?


“How long have you blogged?”
“How can you be consistently posting and updating your blog?”

I was being asked on these questions recently. I think a lot of people felt surprise that I had been doing this since… once upon a time? Is there a secret behind it? Well, not really. I think the main thing is being disciplined and stick to your plan and work things out. It’s not easy, but yet it’s not impossible.

My current workflow is pretty simple:

  1. Write on my phone whenever there’s any idea that come across my mind.
  2. Develop the idea into full post bits by bits. Usually I’ll be doing this when I’m commuting, waiting or whenever I’m free.
  3. Let the writings sit for awhile. Usually a few days. Come back later and read through them again. Sometimes post may get deleted and never see the light, sometimes I may rewrite the whole post.
  4. Once it’s done, I’ll upload the draft post onto wordpress and make further formatting and adjustments as necessary.
  5. Schedule a date and time to post the blog post. WordPress will automatically post on my behalf when the time comes.
  6. The key is to build up backlog of posts, so you can play around rearranging their posting dates, and also it gives you time to slowly think and write about your next post.

Yup, that’s about it. Nothing fancy, and nothing difficult actually. For now I have set my limit to 1 post a week, I “just” need to crunch out 52 posts per year… which I think is still manageable as of now. Will I ever feel tired and wanted to give up? Of course I do, occasionally. During the lows, I try not to force myself to think and write too much. With sufficient backlog, I should be able to get through the lows and start writing again.

What will be the future of this blog? Well, I wonder, but we’ll see how it goes and for those who actually read my blog, thank you. Till then.

200 and beyond…

 “You’ve made 200 posts on funny bunny photography!”

That’s the notification I received few weeks ago when I published my post. Yup, 200 posts and still going. This will be post #208. This blog was initially started as a continuation from my older blog that documents my photography journey. Now I had merged my personal blog here as well, it had diluted the content a little, and the blog has officially became a place to document my life, not just my photography journey.

For the past 12 months I had been busy with my studies, and will continue to be busy until end of this year. Hence, there were less sharing on photography related post. Nevertheless, I’ll try to balance things up a little in my blog. I’ll still go out and shoot whenever I’m free, and I still enjoy capturing pictures. Of course as time goes by there might be changes in priorities, but nevertheless, I’ll still try my best to keep writing, documenting and sharing.

As for what’s coming… I do have some plans on what I want to do, but most of them will probably be materialized only by next year. Some short term plan will be getting the pictures from my Hanoi trip ready and print them into a photobook. Then, I’ll be off for another trip the week after, I’m heading back to Japan again, though to different cities and location. Hopefully can get some shots from that trip too, although the weather seems to be not in my favour. For now, I’ll keep the slow pace going and let’s be hopeful for the days to come. Till then.

On social media and about my blog

I never really like to spend time on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or etc, but I was sort of being “forced” to do so because my friends are all on Facebook, so the best way to keep up to date on their recent life will be browsing their feed from time to time.

I know that nowadays a lot of people cannot imagine living a day without social media. Perhaps they need attention, perhaps they need friends. For whatever reason, they just can’t stop refreshing their social media feed, posting every few minutes, sharing “stories” and so on.

No offence, and by all honesty, I don’t really bother about what one is doing throughout the day. My point has always been “why bother about the daily life of others while you can put more effort in living your day better instead”? Stop admiring others, work for it so that your life is as exciting as it can be!

About my blog, as mentioned before it is more like a journal for myself rather than a site to gather crowds and followers. I don’t use it as a social media platform. I don’t fancy all the “likes” and “shares”. I am grateful that there’s a steady stream of readers here who find some of my posts useful to them.

A big thank you for those who supported all along, and apologies as I wasn’t being that engaging with you all. I know the potential of social media and blog, but for me, my priority is to live my life, my “real” life. I rather spend more time seeing the world and experiencing new things than staying in front of computer or my phone and keep staring at the LCD screen.

That being said, I will continue to journal my life, my thoughts and my rants here. As for the social part, I’ll still keep it to the minimum. Call me old school, I still prefer real life interaction. Till then.

Welcome to My New Home



I have revamped the theme and layout of my blog! Surprisingly, the whole process was smoother than I imagined. I had been thinking about updating the theme of my blog for awhile, but I can’t seems to find the right solution to suit my needs. Recently I stumble upon this theme from WordPress and after fiddling with it for awhile, I feel that this might actually work for me. So I spent my weekend sitting in front of my computer playing around with the settings, adjustment and some codings. And now I present to you the all new “Funny Bunny Photography” website 🙂

The home page (or landing page) of my website has been updated to display my portfolio. Although it was titled as portfolio, it’s more like a compilation of some of my best works and projects. At the moment I have posted whatever I got, but I will slowly update this section from time to time. Major navigation of my blog has been shifted to the left panel. Here you will find the links to my profile, websites that I followed, my blog post (this is where you can access and read all my blog post in the future) and categories of my blog posts. There are a few buttons at the bottom which link to my other social media platform such as Flickr and Vimeo.

I really love this new layout as it is extremely clean and minimalist. It emphasizes on pictures first without being cluttered by my blog posts. I have also created a new avatar for my website, though I may refine this in the future. This will be my starting point heading into 2017, my third year in WordPress hosting this blog. A big thank you to those who dropped by and visited my blog. I’ll try my best to keep things going here. Till then.

Some updates on what’s coming

Been pretty busy with work lately as year end approaching. The weather has not been favourable either as the rainy season strikes. I’ve been slacking a little on the blog post and content creation, will try to pick up the momentum again soon.

A couple of things that’s going to happen in near future. First, I will be heading to Hong Kong for 1 week break on early December… again. The main purpose is to visit my sister who lives there, but at the same time it’s just about right time to give myself a break from the heavy workload and get myself recharged. This time around I will focus on exploring more of the Hong Kong island itself. Not sure what’s coming as I really didn’t plan on the detail much. We’ll see.

Next, I’m planning to make some changes on a couple of social media sites that I’m currently running, and I’m planning to tidy things up a little. Probably will start off by “renovating” this website, follow by tidying up my Flickr account and probably integrating some of the things here and close some of the accounts I have elsewhere. I’ll get things streamlined to make my life easier moving forward.

Lastly, I’m tidying up my gear collection as well. Will talk a little more about it in future post. Also, I’m trying to see if I can complete any other personal project or work before year ends. Hopefully I can crunch out something. And I’m planning for one last trip next year before my school starts. That’s all for this week. Till then.