After much delay, I had finally completed another personal project of mine. This time around, this project is more on the words than the pictures. Initially I thought that I would like to reshoot all the pictures to make them relevant to the words written, but sadly I have to scrap the idea in the end as I simply do not have much time to do so.

Anyway, for those who is interested, you may find my new personal book here. This is a book with collection of passages, stories and thoughts of mine throughout the years. You may get to know me in person a little more by reading them (I guess…). Sorry that it was written in Chinese instead of English. Similar to my previous Japan Travel Photobook, I felt more comfortable in expressing myself in Chinese words than English.

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have time to complete some other projects this year, though I do not really have any plan yet at the moment. Till then, thank you.

Books x Photography

Just completed a small project recently. Nothing major, just spending some time playing with my camera while I am free and home alone. Did some table top pictures for some of the books that I am reading lately (or going to read soon, hopefully), and adding a little twist to the shoot by introducing some extra elements that juxtapose or compliment the books’ title.

It was a fun little project, and I’ll probably keep adding more pictures to it as my book collections keep growing day after day. All pictures were taken with the Fujifilm X100F with the TCL-X100 conversion lens. First time toying with this and still exploring it’s possibilities. Till then, hope you enjoy the pictures and the books, let me know if you have any questions and I will be glad to help.

A Photographer’s Life by Jack Dykinga

Just finished reading this book. I would consider this as a biography of Jack Dykinga, with very nice sharing and insight to his life as a photographer. Of course this does not represent the life of all or most photographer, but what was shared is true enough and applicable to even now.

Who is Jack Dykinga? Well, honestly I don’t know. I was attracted by the book at first, hence read it and now I get to know him a little better. He may not be as big famed or renowned by most as he belongs to the bunch of pre-social media era photographers. Most of his works are shared through prints, exhibitions and books publishing.

Source: B&H Photo
The book covers story about how Jack got himself his first camera and then into photography, all the learning he went through and ended up working in a local news agency. During his career of photojournalism, he compete against the finest photographers from other agencies and earned himself the Pulitzer award.

This book covers all the ups and downs of Jack, and it also talks about how his mind and value to photography changed, resulted his shift from photojournalism to photographing landscape with large format camera, hoping to raise awareness to preserve the nature from being exploited. The book also touched on the struggle he faced when transiting from film to digital, and how he ended up hosting guided photography workshop and tour to the national parks across America.

There’s one sharing in the book that particularly caught my attention:

John White, another Pulitzer Prize winning photographer at the Sun-Times once told me he photographed every sunrise. In disbelief, I inquired why? He simply said he didn’t want to miss the really great one

And indeed it echoes a lot with my heart and belief. Persistence is important. A lot of masterpieces were not made just by one attempt or one shot. Sometimes you just have to keep shooting to get “the one” image, sometimes you just have to keep disappointed until “the one” image came by. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not so. Sometimes you might even need to keep shooting to spark the creativity in you, or to pull you away from your downfall and creativity block.

Source: The Photo Society
All in all, it’s a very nice read and I will certainly recommend those who are interested with photography to read this book. Till then.

It’s all about books


There are a few places where I like to go but I try not to visit often. The first being a bookstore. Every time I walked into a bookstore, there’s probably something for me to buy. Yes, I love reading, provided I have the time and energy to do so.

I love reading since I was young. Reading is fun and enjoyable. I’m not too much into fiction, though I did read a few in the past. I often read on “how to” books, then some hobby related one, biography of some well known person, travel book, photobook and so on.

I’m just a sucker to books and I’ll always get myself interested to some books or magazines. As my book collection grows, same goes to my bookshelf. Soon I was forced to buy ebook instead as I’m running out of space to keep them physically. Reading digital books, although convenient, it lacks a touch of… Reality… Or perhaps it doesn’t feel that close between you and the content you are reading.

Perhaps it’s the nostalgic feeling that we have grown up with flipping through pages and pages of books. The same goes to photography, if a photo was not printed out… Something seems incomplete about it. Aside from books, there are other things which I have virtually no immunity against. I’ll share more about it next time. Now I just hope that I can start and pick up the pace to read more.