The Diamond of Jurong


A walk down Yung Kuang Road and you will be greeted with 21 storeys HDB flats that used to be the pride of Taman Jurong. They were the tallest flat in Jurong when they were completed in the 1970s.
What’s so unique about a HDB flat? The four blocks formed a diamond shape that can only be described as… iconic. Hence, it is broadly regarded as “The Diamond Block” by many.
Unlike the modern HDB flats which has void deck on level 1, the level 1 of the “Diamond Block” is occupied by shop lots.
The flats were previously under a demolish plan, but were now seems to be under refurbish and upgrading work.
Hopefully the building will stay for the years to come. I’m sure it brings back memories for those who have lived their childhood at this vicinity.

Saying Goodbye to My Nikon FM3A

Nikon FM3A
After completing all my film rolls, I decided to let go of this film camera. This camera has accompanied me for quite a few months, and I really enjoy shooting with it. It’s a great camera, really. Handling is smooth (except the rather odd exposure compensation dial), metering is rather accurate, and it’s not heavy or bulky at all.
During these months of shooting with this camera, I dare to say my shooting habit has changed a little. I have become more selective in shooting. I’m not sure if my framing has improved, but certainly I have grew to enjoy shooting in 50mm focal length, which is a focal length that I’m not used to before this. Other than that, I do get a taste of “full frame” depth of field with this camera. I have also improved in terms of handheld slow shutter speed shooting, which can be useful for me as most of my lens do not have image stabilization built in.
It’s a sad and heavy decision to make. The main reason I decided to let go is mainly due to the cost of shooting film, developing and scanning them. If I were to develop or scan the film myself, I can still see a point to keep shooting. But as the cost keeps increasing, it’s getting less economical for me to continue. Perhaps is time for me to move on to a new chapter. The time I spent with this camera will definitely not get wasted.
Goodbye to my Nikon FM3A.