He asked, while looking at the column for “Interest”, where I wrote “travelling, reading, photography and writing”.

“Writing? Do you mean like Chinese calligraphy? I have never seen anyone mentioned their interest is writing.”

That’s the awkward conversation I had with someone recently. I wonder is there a better way to articulate it, I write blog post like this, I write diary, I write stories, I write a lot of other things as well. They can be written by hand or by other digital means. But… they are all considered as “writing”… right?

There are many ways for people to express their feeling, their creativity and thoughts. Some draw, some take pictures, while some use words instead. To me, they are all the same. I enjoy creating through various means, and writing is one of them. I still do photography, although it’s less frequent lately. Hopefully I’ll pick up the speed again soon.

Anyway, yes, just want to make a point in this post that writing is a thing, and that’s my hobby and interest. Till then.

A pen is…

People who knows me will know that I’m no stranger to “old technological” stuffs. For example, I still shoot occasionally with my film camera, I brew coffee the old fashioned way, and I still write a lot despite typing is much faster and easier.

I’ve shared a fair bit about film cameras through my previous blog posts, today I’ll talk a little about writing. I write frequently, both during work and during my own personal time. I jot down meeting minutes, notes from lecture, ideas that come to my mind, my diary and so on.

It has always been a little frustrating when writing with ballpoint pen, especially those cheaper ones. Hard start, line skipping, overflow of ink and so on. But to be honest, I had never questioned myself why am I still using one. It seems to be the only choice, like there’s no substitute to it. Until one day, my friend introduced me to fountain pen, letting me to try writing on one, and then I realized what I had been missing all along.

I’m not expert in fountain pen, I’m not into collecting fountain pens either. I just want an enjoyable writing experience. Fine writing instruments seem to be the answer for me. It’s much easier and smoother to write on a fountain pen than a ballpoint pen. The experience is very different and very enjoyable. As a starter I got myself a Platinum Preppy and Pilot Kakuno to try out, and soon I’m hooked.

At the moment, I’m writing with a Lamy Aion fountain pen, a birthday present for me actually. Though not the best fountain pen, it’s good enough for me to write at the moment. Will this be my one and only pen? Probably not. But I’m not into collecting pens, so I’ll probably still continue to search for one more pen that I really in love with and that’s about it. What pen will it be? I wonder. Let’s see how it goes. Till then.