Wherever I will be…

“I know what I don’t want, but I don’t know what I want.”

This is a typical answer I have as I’m trying to explore and decide on what’s next for me in my career. I have been working in the same industry but different role for the past 8 years, I was hoping to change both role and industry but I know it will be difficult. Perhaps I should look into changing industry first, and that brings me to the question of “which industry?”

I really have no idea and I’m lacking of understanding on some other different industries out there. I have been trying to learn more about them through the course of my study, but there are still a fair bit of unknown to me.

Perhaps the easier way is to get rid of those that I don’t want, I know I don’t want to go into consulting, I know I don’t want to involve in finance related industries… perhaps slowly from there I can have a list of potential industries that I can consider to move into. In terms of job function, the same applies.

What’s next? I wonder. Let’s see what the future offers. This is a troubling phase, but once I get over it, hopefully things will eventually get better. Till then.

The fear of “don’t know”


People who act like they know everything and wanted to comment on everything… we will bump into this kind of people once in awhile, don’t we? Or perhaps we are one of them?

Looking back, I was once behaving like this as well in the older days. Fear of being left out, fear of missing out in the conversation, fear of being alienated, so I will talk and act like I knew about it when I wasn’t. There were times when I got by, there were times when I screwed up of course.

In the end, I reflected and thought: What for I need to feel the fear? If I don’t know about it, just ask, and then I will be able to learn more about it. The conversation will still continue. For things that I don’t know, I’ll try not to comment too much on it. 

The same goes to every other thing… be it work related, photography related or life related matters. The moment you acknowledged you “don’t know”, you emptied yourself to absorb more. Hence, there’s nothing to fear anymore. Just open up your heart and mind, and fill it up with knowledge you would have lost when you act like you knew.

The sense of Entitlement


“Hey, I got 10,000 followers on my Instagram. Shouldn’t you offer me something free?”

“Hey, we are friends right? Can you help me do this?”

A sense of entitlement. Perhaps everyone thought that everything in this world should be “given” to them. Maybe they thought that they deserved it. Maybe they thought that when you asked about it, people will tend not to reject you. And in the end, this sense of entitlement has made someone to take things for granted.

Imagine you are in a queue. You are next in line, and the person behind you said: “Hey, please let me go next okay?” You ignored that person, but when the queue moves, that person still try to cut in front of you while you are moving forward. You gave that person an angry stare, and in return, that person labelled you as petty, unfriendly, not caring, bastard… and so on. Whose fault was it? I wonder.

Recently something similar to this had happened to me, and I was really puzzled. How can people had this mindset that they were entitled for anything they asked for? And the funny thing was that if they don’t get what they want, it’s your fault and not theirs. It’s always you never think about them, never care about them, never respect them, never fulfil their needs and so on. And they were never wrong for demanding all that from you.

Oh wel, life goes on although I’m getting sick and tired of these.


Me. Now and then.

Disclaimer: This is a non-photography related post.

Keep moving. Do not stay still.
Keep adapting. Do not stop learning.
Keep changing. Do not stop improving.

These are perhaps things that I hold true to myself, you can call it “my motto of life”, “my principle”, or whatever you wish. To me, I try not to stop myself from continuously exploring possibilities, searching for ways to improve my life and doing things differently from others. Hence, people around me may find that I will change once in a little while, or I’m just an odd-ball or asshole to some.

The obvious example on continuous learning will be me taking master studies this year, which is something I find necessary for me to keep developing myself. I’m lacking in terms of knowledge on business, marketing and etc., so I hope through this master program I can gain something out of it and equip me with better skillset for my future. Besides that, I had resumed my reading habits, which was stopped for quite some times, so that I can continuously absorb new thinking, new idea and new philosophy into my life. I’m trying my best to keep it up as a daily habit and I do hope I’ll be able to sustain it. Also, I restarted my running routine and slowly trying to get my fitness back to an acceptable level. This is both for health reason and also to get myself fit for the next trip or hike that’s around the corner.

Another improvement or change exercise that I like to do once in awhile is to try to simplify things in my life as much as possible, decluttering things and reforming things when necessary. It may sounds a bit ridiculous, but I did, for example, slimming down my wardrobe and only wear Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Skinny Tapered Jeans (I have a few of those in different colours) for my casual long pants. Why am I limiting myself up to this level? Well, I don’t view this as a limitation. I’m just simplifying my life so that I will spend less time in shopping stores over stores for the perfect pair of pants that fit well and look nice on me. Since I really enjoy wearing that jeans from Uniqlo, why not just stick with it? I’m even considering to move all my casual wardrobe choices to Uniqlo so that I’ll just need to visit one store to get all my wardrobe needs. Too much too crazy? Well, not really. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is quite famous for his grey t-shirt, which he believed by wearing the same t-shirts everyday, he will have one less decision to make and hence become more productive. Of course I will not be that extreme, but there are some values which we can pick up from this reasoning.

To me, it’s always a gain rather than a loss when you cut down all the hassles in life. You’ll get to focus more and get straight to the point. This is what all companies do, cutting down redundant processes in order to achieve cost saving and better time management. Another items that I had streamlined will be my bags. I used to own one travel backpack, one small sling bag for casual use, one messenger bag for camera stuff and one laptop backpack for work. Now I have a “travel & camera 2 in 1” backpack which can be used for both purposes depending on how I configure the bag with the inserts provided. Next up is to streamline the casual and work bag, and I’m currently looking into it and see if there’s a possibilities to have another “2 in 1” solutions here. Less bag, less hassle, less trouble to swap my things around.

There are many other areas in my life where I can improve, be it “materialistic” items such as my bags, clothing, cameras, gadget that I used and etc., or “mentalistic” items such as my knowledge, behaviour, skills and so on. I’m a big fan of “zen” and minimalist, hence all these will work well on me, but it may not be the same for you. I’m just sharing my thoughts and what I’ve done so far, and I hope that my sharing here can bring some help to you.