Digital Minimalism

I’m certainly not the best to talk about this topic, but I’ll just share what I did for the past months in trying to de-clutter my digital life.

First off, deleting apps from my phone. Rarely used, unused apps were all deleted. I used to keep apps that perform unit conversion or currency conversion, but since I can do that easily from web browser anyway, so I have deleted those.

For productivity apps, I try to keep those apps that can make me do more than just one task, effectively making them a 3-in-1 app. For example, I have deleted Excel, Power Point and Word and replace them with the new Office app, which is a lite version of all those 3 apps combined in one.

Reducing social media usage has always been part of my goal too. I have pulled my Instagram account to be private, and no longer spending time scrolling through the ads flooded feed. That left me with only Facebook, which I tried my very best to reduce my time on it as well.

In terms of other life matters, I have decluttered my iMac and external hard disk, a task that took me years to finally get it done. Now everything seems to be more organized. Couple with my continuing effort of reducing subscription services and unwanted apps from my iMac, things just get simpler and less chaotic now.

That leaves me with one last thing to deal with… and that’s my work laptop from my office! Okay, we’ll deal with it some other days. Till then.


I always have an affection in being a minimalist. Imagine living in a room with little furniture, only the basic and essentials are there, with warm natural light flooding through the window… Although I’m far from one at the moment, but I do feel that I tend to gradually bringing myself to that direction.

I don’t like to associate myself to any brands, I don’t want to become a fanboy for any brands, hence I tend to prefer things with minimalist design and even better, without any logo that identifies it. Often you will see fashion brand like to stick their brand name and logo right in front of your face (take a look at brands like Nike and Adidas). As I overhaul my wardrobe, these were the clothes that got tossed out first.

From time to time, I will reorganize my stuffs to ensure only the essentials were kept, the rest will just got threw away. Perhaps living in a rental room for the past 5 years does helped me in reducing clutter. As my mindset and behaviour changed, as my interest and hobby changed, things got reshuffled, reset and restart all over again. I’m still far from being a minimalist. Hopefully one day I can really simplify everything in my life? We’ll see.