Hello 2020

No such thing as “new year new me” this time around, haha… after a fruitful year of 2019, what’s next for 2020? Well, to be honest, I believe there will be nothing much going on this year for me, at least from what I have planned so far it seems rather… quiet.

Tentatively, there will only be one personal trip this year (and I think you know where it will be). In terms of planned purchases, this year I might be getting a new travel bag, a pair of shoes and that’s about it. The target is to try to save some money this year, eat healthily, try to stay fit and get rid of some remaining problems I have pertaining to my personal well being.

If financially permits, I would like to start attending classes for Japanese language, been rather slack and unable to learn as much as I wanted last year, it’s tuff to self-learn a new language anyway. Otherwise, I plan to dedicate this year to focus more on building my career. Enough of self-discovery journey in 2019, is time to put my learning into good use this year and make myself accountable of it.

In terms of photography, well, I’ll see if I can get motivated and start shooting a little more. Otherwise, I will only be shooting during my personal trip (which means very limited photography time in 2020…). By the way, I have removed my funnybunnyphotography instagram account (I’m not updating it much anyway), and I have also hide my personal instagram account away. Getting some social media detox this year is part of my target too.

Anyway, I’m hopeful of what’s going to come for the year, and I’ll try my best to make it another great year for myself. Till then.

Goodbye 2019

The year of 2019 has finally drawn to an end. It’s been a hell of a year, and it’s mostly a good one. It felt like it’s been quite awhile since the last time I was mostly upbeat throughout the year, and I do hope this momentum can kept me going while heading into 2020. In short, the highs were pretty high, while the lows were rather… low.

A quick recap: on my gear changes, managed to swap all my cameras and ended up with Sony system, new phone and some other accessories and smaller stuffs. Moved to a new place, got myself a new job, changed some routines and so on. Also managed to travel to Taipei earlier in the year and then Tokyo during mid of the year, which also saw myself scaling Mount Fuji for the very first time. And not to forget, the incredible experience of volunteering myself for Benjamin Von Wong’s sustainability project earlier this year.

My daily life has pretty much been okay, though catching up with friends has become lesser than what I would prefer, perhaps as we aged, everyone will spend more time with their own family instead. Same goes with family members, if I were to point out something that was less than ideal, it will be the lack of quality time spent with my family, and financially speaking I was having less freedom this year.

With so many changes, I was a little strapped for second half of the year. Well, it’s okay, nothing to complaint about, just need to adjust myself and my routine accordingly. Can’t afford to buy more books? Switch to reading e-books online. Can’t afford big gym? I can make do with neighbourhood gym. Avoid unnecessary spending (like Netflix), try my best to save as much as possible while not jeopardising my health… that will be my main focus and even for the year ahead.

There were a few targets I failed to achieve. Some was out of my control, some just requires more determination from my end. Let’s see if I can make them happen next year instead. Otherwise, all in all I’m thankful that I am still breathing and going in 2019. For the first time in a long while I managed to strike off most of the items on my to-do list and new year resolutions. Lastly, I’m grateful that I stayed healthy for the most part of the year.

Thank you 2019, and goodbye.

I am who i am, still.


I know my weakness, I do know. Well, I guess it’s my weakness, at least that’s what others perceive it. Along the years, I tried to change some of them, but not all were possible to be changed. Some old habit, some sticky behaviour, some fixated thoughts still remain.

For a start, I’m someone who doesn’t hide his words and feelings, who don’t give “face” when I don’t give a damn. I’d been trying hard to pretend, but it didn’t work well. It’s just not me. I’m trying to change a little of my approach nowadays, will still need to see if that gels with me.

I’m not afraid of offending people when I know they are in the wrong. I know a lot of people will take that as offensive, not forgiving, not caring, no empathy. I have tried to be a little more compassionate, but it had not always turned out well. So in the end, I’m still very much the own-self I am.

I’m not trying to justify myself being who I am here. This is more like a reflection piece for me, myself, as I reflect back and see how I could possibly move on. If I do offended anyone all these days, I’m sorry for that. Perhaps there are things that are harder to change, things closer to my values, things closer to my belief, things closer to my core personalities.

Of course there were instances where I probably can do better, and those are the lessons I need to learn and remember, and ensure the same mistake will never happen again. It’s a long way to go, and let’s see how it goes in the future. It takes time, but I’ll still try my best, and hopefully one day, I am a better me.

It all depends…

Yes, it all depends.

Something that seems right to you could seem wrong to others. Something that is acceptable to you could be unacceptable to others. In the end, it all depends. It depends on each individual’s value, needs, upbringing, requirement and etc.

For example, X-Pro 3 released with a inward-flipping screen. There are those who love the idea, and there were those who felt it is plain stupid. Take another example, Face ID login on an iPhone, some find it as a game changer, while some prefer to stick with their fingerprint recognition. Some say Leica is overpriced, some say Leica has soul. At the end of the day, it really depends whether something resonates with you.

The photo you took could mean a lot to you and perceived as a great shot, but to others it could be just a meaningless snapshot. Sometimes, it is very hard to draw a line that’s clear enough for everyone to agree with, especially when it comes to photography, something that’s art-related, something that everyone would have their own opinion on.


You can choose to be bothered and argue with people who disagree with you. You can choose to stand firm and continue to believe in what your faith leads you to. It all depends… again, on your choice on how to react and respond. For me personally, I don’t bother too much on what others were saying or doing, I’m more focused on what I want to say and what I want to do. Of course I’m not saying I will totally shut off suggestion and advice from others, but I will try my best to be aware of my end goal while dealing with differences.

Well, you may agree or disagree with me, it really depends. Till then.

Make it stick

Been reading quite a lot of books lately, I’m on book no. 35 as of writing to be exact. That brings me to the thought of… for so much books that I read, information that I absorbed, things that I learned, how much of it I am actually able to recall and make use of in the days to come?

The challenge has always been this. Just like how you see supposedly “educated” people graduated from famous university, but still performing uneducated act like littering everywhere. Ultimately, all that matters is not how much input you received, is how much output you produce out of it.

The same goes to photography. You can talk all day about “how to take a good photo”, but if you didn’t deliver a good photo in the end… what’s the point, right?

Of course my argument here is based upon a “result-based” approach, by ignoring the fact on the process. One may argue that this is part of the process, where failing to achieve what you have learned is also a learning point for you, making you aware and hence be more cautious in the future. Well, I kinda agree with that, but still, many may not even realized that in the end, and that’s a problem.

So, for so much I have read for the past years, did I made any changes and put any meaningful learning into practice? Well… yes and no. Conservatively, I would estimate only like 20% of what I learned has been put into good use. That’s quite little indeed. That’s something I’m aware of and trying to fix.

Of course not everything can be of good use immediately, some takes time to materialize, some require additional skills beforehand, some I just can’t… make it stick. It’s a long way to go and to change. Let’s see if things will turn better in the future. Till then.