I don’t need followers


Yes, I said it and I mean it. Often I saw people comparing how many “followers” they have on their social media platform such as YouTube and Instagram, but for me, I don’t really care. As mentioned in other post, the reason I continue this blog is mostly a journal for myself, and if my experience or knowledge can be of help for others, then it’s good. Otherwise, it’s totally okay if it left unnoticed by people.

I don’t monetise any of my social media channels, in fact I rarely connect and communicate with people who visit my channels and commented on it. Although I tried to provide courtesy reply from time to time, but honestly I don’t really care. Most of them just dropped by hoping you will actually visit their site so that they can gain traffic anyway. While some left comments with no substance to it, which to me… I don’t even know why they commented in the first place. So why bother?

I do know there are a few frequent followers that visit my site regularly, I saw a glimpse of the stats on the dashboard every time I login to WordPress. To them, I would like to say thank you for your support and I hope that you will continue to enjoy the content of my blog. Will I ever change my approach to the blog? Well, unless I’m planning to make a business out of it, which I think I won’t, otherwise it will stays and remains the same, hopefully for the years to come. Till then.

Social media and Me

“Are you willing to delete Facebook?”
“Are you willing to delete friends and acquaintances from your friends list?”

These were a few questions raised during a class discussion about Facebook, their success and their future. Am I wiling to delete Facebook? For now, I believe the answer is still no. Facebook is still the means for me to connect and stay up to date on what’s going on around my friends. But will I ever delete people from my friends list? Hell yes.

When I gave this respond in class, seems like no one can understand why. I can really see how social media has deeply rooted to everyone’s daily life, and people can spend hours of their time on Facebook, which I will never understand why. Some says they read news on Facebook, and yeah, thanks to that fake news are on viral here on Facebook. Some use Facebook like YouTube, watching videos after videos. Some got nothing better to do but engage in pointless comment war and “discussion” with other keyboard warriors alike. Most people added thousands of friends on the Facebook, and honestly… what for? How many of them are even your true friends?

I know the good and the bad about social media. But ultimately, my principal is still the same, as always: I choose to live a “real” life, not a “virtual” life hiding behind some “1” and “0”. This was part of the reasoning I mentioned about when explaining why I will delete friends from my list. I will also do yearly cleanup on people who I no longer interested to receive information from, who I no longer wish to let them see my posting, people who is not active on Facebook and I can’t get any updates from their account and so on. My friends list is shrinking year over year, and I’m spending lesser time on social media so that I can live more of my real life.

Perhaps I’m slowly inching closer to getting rid of Facebook (or social media) altogether from my life? I know a few people who are not on Facebook or any other social media, and they are living their life to their fullest without any problem. So yes, I think it’s really possible. I can still keep in touch with friends and family via other means, so it really isn’t impossible. Perhaps someday I’ll get rid of everything and just keep this blog running as my life journal. Who knows?

How Social Media Ruined Photography


Read this interesting post the other day which talks about how photography becomes so cliche thanks to social media. I get it, when someone took a very nice picture, people will just flock to the same location and take the same picture from the same angle.

Like it or not, this reality has probably been around for ages, its just that social media has elevated it to a whole new level as information is shared instantly. Landscape is the genre that is affected most by this “me too” trend. Not to forget those who photograph birds, when rare bird was spotted, a bunch of the photographers will camp their big lenses and tripod around and keep firing.

Personally, I do browse through websites or social media to get inspiration, and most importantly to scout for potential locations to shoot. However, when on location, I’ll try to do something different from the pictures I saw. It might work out well and it might not be. But that’s the whole point of having photography as a hobby, you go through the learning and experimenting process, and then you become better.

A few concerns were raised in the interview. First was the originality and creativity of photography. Next was the environmental impact. Yes, as people flock to a location, I’m guessing there will be those irresponsible people who throw rubbish anywhere they like, who cross the restricted zone just to shoot a different picture, who harm the nature by disturbing them and so on. Taking the bird photographers for example, having a bunch of people camping in close distance could have ended up scaring the birds away to seek for new location to stop. Imagine the impact on migrant bird species?

Of course there’re always those responsible photographers who take care of the nature, who follow the rules, who keep a safe distance from the nature and preserve them. But it really just need one single person to crash the party and end the game. At the end of the day, did social media ruined photography? Well, I would say no, but it did catalysed it for sure. At the end of the day, it’s really up to each individual to play their part, be it ensuring photography remains creative, or ensuring we don’t tarnish our nature while we fulfil our desire in capturing them. Though I really don’t have much hope on mankind, but all I can do is just hope and pray this will eventually be alright in the future. Till then.