Coffee Brewing Seminar at Starbucks


Recently I joined a small workshop organized by Starbucks. The “Starbucks Coffee Seminar” was held at Starbucks Waterboat House with a nice and cozy atmosphere. The seminar started off by introducing the participants with the basic on coffee tasting, followed by demonstration of different brewing methods and ended up with hands on session for you to try and brew your own coffee.

The brewing methods discussed during the seminar were chemex, pour over, cold brew and french press. The instructor explained to us the differences between each brewing method and how they affect the taste of coffee, including acidity, body, aroma and flavour. There’s also brief sharing of information on food pairing with different types of coffee.

The hands on session was fun, as we get to try all the different methods and get a feel of it. All the methods shared are easy to be replicated at home, so you can brew good coffee at the comfort of your home. Last but not least, all participants were given a pack of coffee beans and voucher to purchase the necessary brewing equipment, giving you a push to kickstart your brewing journey.

It was a very fun and enjoyable event. As a newbie to coffee drinking, I learned a lot from this seminar and hopefully I’ll get to brew my very first cup of coffee soon. Till then.