It’s finally the end… or perhaps a new beginning

Yes, finally the classes for my part time MBA course has ended. A sense of relief for sure, after 18 months of intense & tiring program, I’m glad that it’s finally came to an end. “I’ve made it through!” is what I would like to shout out loud in my heart, but I think I’m so exhausted that I can only just trying my best to catch my breath. Anyway, I still have elective class and that will only officially end in January.

So after 18 months, what had I learned? A little bit of everything, to be precise. I was really hoping for a little more than that for sure, but it is what it is. Now the important part is to take some time and reflect back all that I learned, making sense from them, and hopefully put some of the knowledge and skills into good use in the future.

So what’s next? Well, I’m not expecting MBA to change a whole lot of things. It’s not like now I’m much better than others or can straight away become manager or CEO to lead a company. MBA will not provide that to you despite what the marketing material said. Although classes have ended, I will probably still be busy for the next couple of months as I try to relook into my career and decide what to do next.

Of course it’s not all stressful, finally I have the time to start reading more, catching up on all the movies and series I missed, head out and shoot pictures, hangout with friends and so on. Recharge, reform, regroup and getting myself ready for the next challenge, that’s probably it. Wish me luck. Till then.

Am I still shooting?

DSCF0132-24I got my day job and my part time classes had started. Do I still have time to shoot? Well, yes and no. I must admit it does feel very tired dealing with all of these stuffs, sometimes even though I have the spare time to go out but I would rather stay home and rest. And sometimes when I wanted to shoot but I’ll just have to give it a pass and finish up my assignments.

DSCF0438-22However, I am still shooting, though a bit differently. Too lazy to go out? Well, I ended up doing some small photography projects at home instead, stress free and relaxing. I don’t have luxury of time to roam around the streets, but I do have time to shoot for some class activities and events, subject and genre has changed, but I still get a taste of photography.

DSCF0422-15At the end of the day, I believe it’s all about your will. If you want to do something, you will make time for it, you will plan for it, and you will make it happen. There’s no short cut, no magic, no nonsense. Hope this motivates you a little to grab your camera and start shooting. Till then.

Why am I torturing myself?

Disclaimer: this is a non-photography related post.

Going Full Frame with Nikon FM3A + Kodak Gold 200

Although I have been constantly updating my blog, I have actually been hiatus for quite awhile in the real world… missing out in gatherings, photography outings and etc. Well, the reason was because I was busy preparing for GMAT exam, and it’s really one hell of an exam that’s so tuff and demanding.

I decided to take the exam because I’m actually planning to pursue an MBA next year. Most of my friends asked why, why I study now, why MBA, why, why and why. Well, I can breakdown some of the reasons that had been running through my thoughts for the past 1 year:

  • I want to further my study from Engineering Degree.
  • I want to learn skills and knowledge different from Engineering.
  • My Degree was obtained from a local university in Malaysia which is not well known.
  • I would like to complete my Master program under a reputable institution, this will at least give me a better starting ground for my future career.
  • There’s scholarship offer from my current company with no bond for part time study.
  • I am still energetic to do so now.
  • I do not have any financial commitment at the moment.
  • I am not young anymore, is now or never.
  • After evaluating a few other options, I decided I will just go for MBA instead of other master program.

I had completed the exam and submitted my application, and I was informed last week that I was given a slot for next year’s intake. I’m completed the necessary registration, and now is just to prepare myself and wait for that day to come. It’s going to be a 1.5 years program, so a little sacrifices are expected. Probably I will have less time for other activities and even my photography in the future, but we’ll see how everything unfolds. Till then.